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Lone Wolf Jiu Jitsu was developed in 2009 by Don Stoner(Black belt) , its pure Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, straight from the source (the Machado family). This style is a mixture of old school and new school BJJ technique that is extremely effective for self defense. We use takedown techniques from wrestling and judo and employ the most innovative ground techniques seen at the world level. The name “Lone Wolf” comes from Jiu Jitsu being an individual competition and the Lone Wolf, much like the martial artist must be stronger because he cant rely on the pack in competition and in life. ” Become the best you”


We carefully consider every students specific training capabilities and start you slowly and build you up to avoid injuries. We have a fully renovated facility with the best Zebra 2 inch mats to protect students from falls and burns that you would get on a lesser quality mat.


Our head instructor has over 17 years experience teaching and training kids and adults in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Whatever your goals are you can rest assure that we can help you accomplish them at Lone Wolf Jiu Jitsu.


You will get an unshakable confidence by going through our 12 week curriculum and successfully completing the fundamental program. You will learn how to defend yourself against larger opponents and you will gain flexibility and increase your cardio capabilities which will lead to more confidence to deal with anything that life throws at you.

Discipline- The discipline to train hard, respect your training partners, parents and everyone you encounter are instilled in he youth classes.

Focus- Jiu Jitsu is the most effective martial arts and involves focusing on drilling moves repeatedly until mastery.


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